A day in the Razor – Renee’s first off-road experience

A day in the Razor – Renee’s first off-road experience

There’s nothing like getting behind the wheel of an off-roading vehicle……


While visiting friends in Apache Junction, Arizona the guys decided it was time for a little adventure and fun.  So we headed to the local rental shop and hitched up two Polaris RZR 1000’s.  The “Razor” as they are known is an All Terrain vehicle powered by a gas engine.  They have a long suspension travel to allow for driving on rough terrain. Our particular model had two seats enclosed by a roll cage.


Renee’s first experience in an All Terrain Vehicle (ATV).


This was Renee’s first exposure to off-roading and she took to it like a pro.  With proper equipment; helmet, goggles, and an old fashion neckerchief to hopefully keep the dust out of our noses and mouths, we loaded up and started our engines.




After a couple of hours in the passenger seat, Renee decided it was time to get behind the wheel and see what it was like to command an ATV.

After some time behind the wheel getting the feel of the vehicle and how it acted and a little instruction from Don, she built up her confidence and was ready.  She did great on the dry creek beds and hills, but when she hit the dirt road it was……..hold on, because she turned into Mario Andretti.

With her confidence high, she decided it was time to increase the adventure and adrenaline.  So she climbed into our friends’ Razor and together they took off to do some jumps. She returned with a big smile on her face.


At the end of the day.


Renee had experienced the adrenaline and excitement of an off-road vehicle and was happily exhausted.