Traveling Family – making special friendships

Traveling Family – making special friendships

We have mentioned before that one of the great things about traveling is meeting amazing people

We met Nick & Nanna from Copenhagen, Denmark during our travels in Costa Rica last spring and friendship was immediate.   During our summer visit to Copenhagen, we enjoyed exploring the city like locals with them.  While discussing future travels we decided the four of us would travel together and explore Morocco.  We finally made this trip reality after a 6-month delay and we met in Marrakesh and the started our 10-day Southern Morocco tour with Intrepid Travel.  

A member of our Intrepid group was Kristen from Germany, a solo female traveler and she fit right in with the four of us.

Before going our separate ways we decided to travel again together in 2017, with the destination being Amsterdam.

Making friendships around the world is an amazing thing……….we are so fortunate to meet these wonderful people.