Quick trip to Newport, Rhode Island

Quick trip to Newport, Rhode Island

Historic mansion in Newport, RI……


Last week we made a quick trip to Newport, RI just a few days after their big snow storm.  It was biting cold the first few days of our stay. The dry cold in Colorado is a lot different than the cold combined with the wind of the sea and the wind chill of Rhode Island.  We made the journey to attend Renee’s son’s graduation from Navy Officer Candidate School (OCS) and he was commissioned an Ensign in the United States Navy.  What made the commissioning even more special was that Don was able to be the commissioning officer. Don is a retired Naval Officer, which allowed him to recite the oath of commission.

The 12 week OCS course is designed to give an individual a working knowledge of the Navy (afloat and ashore), to prepare them to assume the responsibilities of a Naval Officer and to begin developing their fullest potential. OCS is extremely demanding; morally, mentally, and physically. Their personal Honor, Courage, and Commitment was tested and going forward they will be challenged to live up to the highest standards of these core values.



In between receptions, commissioning and the graduation ceremonies we were able to squeeze in a little of sightseeing of historical Newport. And, of course, you can’t visit this part of the country without having some clam chowder and seafood.  We toured mansions and did a scenic drive along the sea front.



We will not be including a picture of the graduating class.  The military has advised active duty military from posting their pictures and providing personal data on the internet for personal security concerns.

We are very proud of him and wish him all the best in his new career.  May he have “Fair winds and following seas,” this implies that a vessel will have good winds, and not have to pound into the waves.