Khmer Wedding in Siem Reap

Khmer Wedding in Siem Reap

The Bride and Groom……


During a full day of temple hopping, we became friends with Sorn, our tuk-tuk driver.  At each stop, he suggested highlights of what to see and then waited patiently to take us to the next temple site.  When he dropped us off back at our hotel later in the day, Sorn invited us to a traditional Khmer wedding that evening.


Sorn, our driver

Sorn later that evening picked us up and first drove us to his house to meet his family.  He lives in a mini-plex with his brothers, sisters and other relatives living close by. We felt honored to be invited to his home and enjoyed meeting his wife, Lin, and their three sons, Michael, Kit, and Rocky.  He has a beautiful family.


Khmer Wedding Reception

A Khmer wedding is a two-day celebration.  The actual wedding ceremony is on the first day followed by the reception party the next day. The street was blocked off, there was a stage with live music and tables set up under a tent. In all, 90 tables, each seating 9 people.


Renee, Don and Sorn

Sorn is a great ambassador for his country.  He explained, offered and served the eight different dishes we sampled at the wedding feast.  Many of Sorn’s friends and relatives stopped to meet us. We felt genuinely welcomed by the bride, groom and the guests.



No wedding reception would be complete without dancing.  And who better to dance with than the only foreigner and blonde attending the party.  Renee was a big hit dancing with the guys.


Drinking with the guys

Since Don is not a dancer he was happy to drink with the guys.



អរគុណ ច្រើន (thank-you very much)  Sorn,

for an amazing experience we will cherish forever.