Four deserts in North America and Arizona touches all four

Four deserts in North America and Arizona touches all four

Did you know at there are four deserts in North America and Arizona touches all four with Phoenix in the Sonoran Desert?

The four include:

  1. Sonoran (southwest)
  2. Great Basin (northeast)
  3. Mojave (western)
  4. Chihuahuan (southeast)


Phoenix, which we are currently enjoying for a few months, hiding out from the snow and cold weather is located in the Sonoran Desert.

The desert gets hot during the day, freezing at night and it’s primarily sand and rock. By taking time to explore you will see many different kinds of plants and animals and experience its unique beauty.

There are numerous areas to see in the Phoenix area and we chose the Usery Mountain Park because it has a highly rated trail leading to a wind cave. With the weather perfect in the 70’s, we headed up the 3 mile Wind Cave Trail with an elevation climb of over 800 feet. Not like the 14’er in Colorado, but a nice hike to enjoy the desert vegetation and scenery along the way.  


Desert Landscape and Vegetation

Vegetation in the Sonoran Desert

Plants can survive extreme heat and periods of drought.


Teddy-bear/Jumping Cholla Cactus

Teddy-bear/Jumping Cholla Cactus in the Sonoran Desert

Cute maybe, but no cuddling!


Saguaro Cactus

Saguaro Cactus in the Sonoran Desert

The Saguaro Blossom is the Arizona State Flower. One arm can take 60-75 years to develop. They can live for over 300 years and weigh a couple of tons.


Usery Mountain Side

Usery Wind Cave Trail Mountainside in the Sonoran Desert

Steep mountainside along the Wind Cave trail.


View from the Wind Cave

Usery Wind Cave Trail view in the Sonoran Desert

The moderate hike to the Wind Cave is rewarded with an amazing view of the Vally. Also, a great place to rest and enjoy a snack while taking in the view.


We really enjoyed our hike to the Wind Cave and the Usery Mountain Park trails a great way to work off some Christmas cheer. And of course make sure you bring sunscreen, water for you and your pet, and an energy snack for the top.


You can also explore all the trails in the Phoenix area.



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